How to arrive at Tierra Adentro

Once in Minca, take the first street on the right on the way to the Church (Via Oriente). Along this route, you will find the El Tabor estate, then the Hostal La Fuente. Immediately afterwards you will find on the left the access to the Marinka waterfalls which is also the access to the farm. Once you reach the waterfalls, follow the road for 250 meters. You will see our signs along the way.


You can reach the property on foot, in a 4x4 off-road all-terrain vehicle. You can take a local transport van (taken in Minca) whose cost is approximately Cop $ 100,000 or a Cop $ 25,000 motorcycle taxi. Tierra Adentro is not linked to any of these transport companies and the cost of transport is not included in the value of the room.


Keep in mind that this is a rural area, and the trip from Minca takes approximately 20 minutes. It is a good idea to arrive during the light time (before 6p.m.)

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Info and Reservations:

+1 (305) 528 9899 (English)
+57 (316) 665-2296‬ (Español)
Arimaca, Minca, Santa Marta, Colombia